Hadoop Solutions

Hadoop Solutions

Hadoop Solutions

Enterprises have long realized the value of converging and analyzing business, user, and machine activities across diverse organizational functions and systems. However, this has only been partially leveraged, thereby limiting its applicability to more tangible, function-specific analytics or purpose-specific reporting. This has worked acceptably so far, and traditional reporting and analytics systems have served the purpose reasonably well. However, as businesses enter into today’s highly complex, competitive, and rapidly evolving marketplace, the need for cross-domain analysis and decision support systems operating across converged data sources and cutting across extremely large and varied data sets in near-real time has become an imperative in an increasingly growing number of scenarios. It’s a challenge that traditional technologies are not designed to handle well and if applied, present a weak cost-value proposition.

Hadoop and a supporting ecosystem of complementing technologies, building blocks, and implementation frameworks today provide one of the most powerful, mature, and compelling answers to problems in this domain. The true power of the Hadoop stack lies in it being a complete solution, covering the entire life cycle needs of applications including data collection, web scale storage, data curation and organization, massively parallel processing, statistical and analytical tooling, integratives, visualization, and reporting tooling. All of this made possible at costs that make sense in today’s highly constrained economic environment.

As a specialized solution and consulting services provider, Cybage’s expertise covers an array of relevant tooling, frameworks, and building blocks . Our pre-verified and gaps-addressed core Hadoop frameworks remove the guesswork out of implementation. Our HPC-grade Hadoop cluster serves as a prototyping sandbox, so you can take the logistics for granted and focus on the core business problem, experiment with the technology, and develop appreciation for its value to business quickly and definitively, before you go all out . And, when you are ready to move on, our solution and deployment expertise across Hadoop distributions in varied deployment models ensure you have a smooth transition. Experience Hadoop at Cybage!

Hadoop dossier:
  • Dedicated Hadoop practice—part of a focused Cloud Computing CoE
  • Dedicated Hadoop Sandbox cluster: More than 70-node cluster
  • Comprehensive expertise: Data aggregation, storage, parallel processing, analytics, data visualization, and machine learning
  • Hadoop-focused QA: Comprehensive big data verification, cluster benchmarking, and performance tuning expertise—methodology, tooling, and practices
  • Hadoop RIM: Trained and certified Hadoop administration staff
  • Partnership with industry leaders: AWS, Cloudera, and VMware
  • Capitalizing on extensive expertise in BI, data warehousing, and VLDBS
  • Expertise: Consulting, implementation, migration, and administration
  • Research focus: R&D, application frameworks, security, and best practices
Platform expertise:
  • Data aggregation and storage:
    • Distributed log processing: Flume, Scribe, and Chu​kwa
    • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and Neo4j
    • Raw distributed storage: HDFS, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Walrus
  • Parallel processing:
    • Hadoop core: Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop, and Amazon EMR
    • Coordination infrastructure: Apache ZooKeeper
    • Workflow frameworks: Cascading and Ooziee
  • Analytics and data visualization:
    • ETL solutions
    • Data warehousing: Sqoop, Hive, PentaHo, SSRS, Cognos, and Qlikview
    • Ad hoc query: Pig and Hive
    • Analytics database: Netezza, Vertica, and Greenplum
  • Machine learning: Apache Mahout
Test expertise:
  • Focused big data test team: Dedicated QA Architect and big data test team
  • Comprehensive Hadoop solution test coverage: Cluster infrastructure, Platform layer, and Application layer
  • Specialized test methodology: Purpose-engineered statistical test methodology for big data solution verification
  • Performance tuning specialization: Performance benchmarking and cluster performance tuning expertise (TeraSort, Rumen, GridMix, and Vaidya)
Administration and cluster management:
  • Hadoop deployment: Configuration management, deployment, upgrades, and data set management
  • Hadoop monitoring: Hadoop Metrics, Ganglia, Cloudera Manager, and CloudWatch (AWS)
  • Hadoop managing: Rack awareness, scheduling, and rebalancing
  • Trained and dedicated Hadoop administration team
  • Expertise on: Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop, and Amazon EMR