About Us

About Us


At SHC Solutions our mission is to become one of the leading IT solution providers in the world by helping our clients deploy effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions.

Core Values

Our core values are "Innovation", "Expeditious Delivery" and "Quality Processes". We continue to enhance these core values and practice them every day and every where. Our entire organization adheres to these core values including the front desk, human resources, sales, recruiting etc. While strategies and tactics may change, our guiding principles endure as the standards by which we conduct our business.

Our Guiding Principles

Commit to exceed customer expectations by blending our skills and proven methodologies into effective solutions. Be an ethical, trustworthy team player and IT partner providing people and solutions, to quickly and cost effectively deploy products/applications. Attract, reward and retain the best people by making them Employee-Owners. Recognize automation /innovative technology and reward the people responsible for using the technology to improve customer/employee service. SHC Solutions has evolved into a reliable IT service partners in the market, our clients have come to rely on us not only for our knowledge of IT, but for the value we add to their business.

Our vision

To be the most valued IT services and solutions provider by delivering managed IT services and solutions that our key clients and strategic partners value most to attract, develop, and retain the best IT professionals.

Availability to Clients

At SHC Solutions we work with our clients throughout the project. After making a detailed examination of current business systems, communication processes and general operations, we help design a plan to improve the existing situation.

Outsourcing Support / Off-shore Development

As organizations find themselves competing in the global marketplace more frequently, they have to explore new avenues in order to execute IT projects expeditiously and cost effectively. Because we are accustomed to dealing with all sorts of issues involving Enterprise / E-commerce solutions, our technology centers have a distinct advantage over in-house staff in terms of experience. Financial savings and fast efficient service make it essential for organizations to seriously consider outsourcing services when making project implementation decisions.