Welcome to SHC Solutions - A Premier IT Consultant and Resource Provider

SHC Solutions Inc., incorporated and headquartered in the USA, is a global IT consulting & Systems Integration firm that delivers high-quality IT services to leading clients around the world. We have been playing the role of a trusted IT partner to our clients since 2005 by helping them translate their IT vision into solid, measurable value. Today we have a presence that spans the USA, India and delivering winning solutions for our clients.


Product manufacturers from the "Brick-and-Mortar" companies to Cutting-edge Technology companies strive to make better products with shorter development cycles and...

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Every project must have a clearly defined plan for success. The project plan brings together a schedule, team roles, actionable tasks, and a process for delivery...

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As a dynamic and fast growing company, this excellence extends beyond technology roles, and is equally important to how we manage and sustain this rapid growth.

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